Patron Saint of SBY

Thanks for visiting SBY — where I get the thoughts that have been buzzing around my brain into the computer and out of my mind.

The Patron Saint of SBY is St . John of the Cross, and from him I take this prayer:

My God, you will not take away what you have given me
in your only son, Jesus Christ.
In him, you have given me all that I desire.
You will, therefore, no longer delay —
and this is my joy —
provided that I wait for you.
So, my heart, why do you delay?
Why do you procrastinate?
From this moment on you can love your God!
Mine are the heavens,
mine is the earth and mine the peoples;
mine are the just and mine are the sinners;
mine are the angels;
mine is the mother of God —
God himself is mine, for me —
for mine is Christ
and everything is for me.
What do you ask, what do you see, my soul?
Everything is for you and everything is yours!
Do not think of yourself as little
nor pay attention to the scraps that fall
from the table of your Father.
Rise on the great day
and take your glory in his!
Hide yourself in it
and be joyful;
everything which your heart desires
shall be yours.

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