A Dream

For Patience:

Shortly before my official conversion (i.e., baptism) I had a dream that I will not be able to describe well here. But I hope that Patience at least will understand!

In my dream, I was lying in the dust outside of a large dome. It was clear that I was outcast, bereft, lying not just on the ground, but in the dirt. I was low, abandoned.  Jesus came out from the dome, lifted me up, and welcomed me into the dome, which was filled with people, and brought me to God.

And that was it. 

But there it was. Jesus had reconciled me to God and to that communion of saints collected there. He was my ticket in. I was dirty and disheveled, hardly fit for company, and he escorted me in like a cherished and long-sought-for friend.

It was a dream that meant a lot to me, one of those dreams that is so vivid that it feels very real. I am not one to believe in messages in dreams, but I still take comfort in this one (and a few others I could mention at another time). I know this sounds like a bad picture book, but it did not feel like one!

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  1. I’m sorry its taken me so long to respond. What a beautiful and profound dream 🙂 I’m so glad you had that experience, and grateful that you would share it. Many blessings to you.

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