The Pope and the News

I totally dread following the news coverage of the Pope’s visit. “Pope” is a word, like “feminism” or “Clinton,” that seems to cause people to lose all sense of objectivity, all sense of history, and just go off the rails.

I started thinking about that when I read the NYT editorial on “The New Sins”. Only someone completely unfamiliar with Catholic doctrine would think that the pope was proposing new sins. And only someone who doesn’t actually participate in church life would think that Catholics are motivated by the belief that “membership has its benefits.” The costs of “membership” almost always outweigh any fleeting sense of comfort in belonging. Of course I love the community in my parish — almost as much as I hate it! 😉

Anyway, I’m glad to see the Jesuits are on the job, as usual. Go, SJ!

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The Prophet?

Even if you are a Kahlil Gibran fan, you have to concede that
this is at least kinda funny because it is, at the very least, kinda true.

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Hell is Still Other People

Because I can’t say it any better than this guy

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